How We Got Started: Top 10 Tips

Adopting A School will no doubt be a big undertaking. However, we’ve learned that getting started is the best way to move anything forward, even if entire path there isn’t exactly clear. Here’s how we did it:

  1. Get a pulse from your employees: Is Children’s Health and Education a cause they feel passionate about?
  2. Declare your intent: Put a blurb on your website, that allows those interested to reach out to you.
  3. Form a Team within your organization (Flo Model).
  4. Share your idea internally, and externally, get feedback, share some more. Iterate.
  5. Reach out to influencers, or people you know within Education. Ask for recommendations on how to start, or schools in need.
  6. Research your mayor’s or governor’s stance on Education. Reach out to the mayors or governor’s office in your city (we’ve found that talking to the mayor’s office is not necessary to get started, although incorporating them into the process is helpful).
  7. Do your best to map out the org structure of the Board of Education in your city.
  8. Speak to principals, teachers; try to understand who makes decisions to approve “programs” that could help schools.
  9. Establish pilot program: Pick 3-5 schools to run trials with, before making a decision. So far we’ve found that meeting with the parents, teachers and faculty, and students are all important pieces of this. Read more to hear about our pilot program.
  10. Know that nothing is final. If something doesn’t work out with the school you pick, it doesn’t have to be forever.

Bonus: Read our playbook, this blog, (building as we go through this). We will document all of our mistakes to try and help others Adopt A School, changing corporate culture, and helping the future generation of leaders!

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