Helpful Advice from Advisors, Nonprofits, and a Senior Member of the DOE

Helpful advice from our friend and partner, Dr. Peter Gorman (Microgate USA)

dr-peter-gorman“This is a wonderful initiative, and could have a profound effect on school culture. Not just in the US, but globally if done properly. As your friend I am telling you to develop this slowly. Everyone loves when Santa Claus is coming to town, and everyone will tell you what a good boy they are…As your team “struggles” (without money) to help the school, together they will find ways of making things happen on a shoe string. Then and only then will you see if the school is driven by the right reasons, and not just a chance to obtain a grant…”

I am about to start to take on my second Chiropractic college, with the third close behind. I am also having one of our NBA teams help with a school for juvenile delinquents, and children that have been subjected to white slave trade. In every case they show their initiative first, then their cooperation…each day on their own they do the best that they can. It is the job for guys like me and you to try to find these facilities.”

Dr Peter Gorman

Helpful advice from Summer Search

summer-search-org“Picking a high school enables the students to visit you-this is valuable in creating frequency in which you can meet with them.”

Words of Caution from the DOE

nycdoe“Principals are fragile… Getting their hopes up and just selecting one is not ideal. Find a way you can identify patterns across these schools, and build something that is scalable.”


In response to this we are leveraging our summer interns, and combining their summer cultural project with our Code for A Cause (CFAC) Initiative. CFAC has been a Giving Back Initiative of ours for several years (the top of the PEMS pyramid)—we enable our engineers to select two weeks off throughout the year to completely devote their time to helping a nonprofit. Our summer interns will be meeting with schools (teachers, parents, students), to identify common needs and build an app, or module over their 10 week internship at Next Jump. They will be able to devote 30% of their time to this CFAC project, while 70% of their time will be spent projects directly related to our business.

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