Adopt-a-School Launch!


Next Jump is announcing the launch of its Adopt-A-Public-School program in May 2015.

Through this program, Next Jump will partner with public schools to build long lasting relationships that serve and support students, teachers, and parents. The program is part of Next Jump’s broader Better You giving back platform, and joins other successfully established programs such as Adopt-A-Nonprofit and Code for a Cause .

Next Jump’s intent is to create a model for other corporations to follow. If every company with 100 or more employees adopted a school, every public school in America – 100,000 schools – would be covered giving education a major boost, helping students reach their full potential and enriching our communities.

Each Next Jump office – starting with the headquarters in New York and eventually expanding to our Boston, London and San Fransisco offices – will adopt a different public school in their area.


The program will aid students through mentorship and motivation from industry professionals. They will also benefit from academic tutoring and enrichment.


Schools will benefit from support and mentoring for the faculty, resources like computers and supplies, and financial donations. Additionally, schools will get access to Next Jump’s cutting edge fitness and nutrition programs.


Parents can also reap benefit through mentorship and support, as well as skills-based training programs.

For more information visit Next Jump’s Adopt-a-School page.

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