Adopt-a-School Academy



On Thursday, June 4th, Next Jump hosted an academy for members of the faculty of 4 schools: PS 9, PS 119, PS 172, and Martin Van Buren High School.

During the 5 hour event, the attendees met the Next Jump team, including CEO Charlie Kim and Chief of Staff Meghan Messenger, and learned more about Next Jump’s history, philosophy, and ideas.


The last event of the day was a workshop in which each school worked independently in an effort to identify the list of what’s working and what’s not working in their particular schools and try to match that with what Next Jump can do.

The event was a success and we were able to learn a lot about these schools, about their struggles as well as the parents’ struggles. With this knowledge we continued to tweak our Adopt-a-School program in an effort to make it more relevant, more effective, and easier to duplicate.

To exemplify, read this blog post that shows a video recorded by the Martin Van Buren High School in response to our Academy.


If you’d like to give us feedback about this event, please use the form below:

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