PS9 Ryer Avenue Elementary School Testimonial



After participating in our Academy for Teachers, the members of PS9 Ryer Avenue Elementary School were kind enough to send us their thoughts and takeaways in this heartwarming message:

“As we entered the offices of Next Jump and toured the facility, we were in complete awe of how the business was run. Right when you walk in, one of their many mottos catches your attention immediately, which is “build a company that would make your mother and father proud.” It was automatically apparent that this company was one of a kind.

Their philosophy is one that every company, hospital, community, school and person should adopt, which is to give back and do “little things that allow people to do great things.” Next Jump is taking a giant leap to change the work place culture. They are a model for up and coming businesses as well as businesses that have already established themselves.

During our tour of the facility, breakout session, and group meetings we were able to make connections to Next Jump’s business point of view and PS9 Ryer Avenue Elementary school’s goals.

We learned how to incorporate protocols in our school building to foster leadership and appreciation for our teachers and students. We learned about the Flo Model which builds “character as a muscle” with a captain, coach, left hand and right hand on each team. Our school discussed how to incorporate the Flo Model for each committee that we currently have in order to give different people opportunities to become “captains” and “coaches” of a teaching craft.

We also learned about Talking Partners (TP’s) while we were at Next Jump. We realized this symbolizes flexible grouping and pairing of students in our classrooms. Next Jump uses a “give and take” model to provide feedback for people in the company, which is very similar to our “glows and grows” that we give our students for ongoing feedback on their assignments.

The company is always feeling the pulse of their employees. In our school, the teachers are always “feeling the pulse” of their students learning. Next Jump believes in upgrading people’s skill sets and fostering leadership roles. This goal mirrors PS9’s goal of teachers becoming life long learners. Working as a team is very important to Next Jump, as well as school buildings.

Next Jump’s belief is “alone we can do good, together we can do great”, which is similar to PS9’s vision for excellence. Building trust is an important aspect at Next Jump. According to the 2015-2016 New York City Framework for Great Schools one of the major components that encompasses all of the other sections is building trust and collaboration.

Not only did we have a great time and learn new leadership activities to incorporate in our school, we took with us a greater belief system which is to appreciate each other. Next Jump and Ryer Avenue Elementary are a perfect match.”

We want to thank PS 9 for their kind words!

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