P.S. 172 Beacon School Of Excellence



P.S. 172 is one of the schools that participated in Next Jump’s Academy for Teachers in June. Below is a note we received from P.S. 172 presenting their thoughts and takeaways from this event:

“P.S. 172 had the unique opportunity to spend a day outside of the classroom and become a part of the Next Jump offices where we participated in their culture tour, group meetings, and had a break out session of brainstorming to explore how to foster school’s strengths and explore it’s needs and challenges. We quickly learned Next Jump’s straight forward, yet effective practices such as their Talking Partners (Next Jump colleagues who are always there to provide a listening ear of support and feedback to one another), the use of a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being model (“PEMS”) and the importance of humility, holds a profound function in the development of a successful workplace culture and professional growth.

P.S. 172 believes in creating opportunities to develop the holistic child and seeks to do so in a variety of ways to support life long learners, problem solvers, and leaders. After all, don’t all students arrive to school carrying their own personal stories, experiences, and challenges? To best meet the needs of our learners in today’s generation the entire individual needs to be recognized and supported so they are able to learn and excel in the school setting and beyond. In the classroom teachers are faced with wearing many different hats at a time to meet their diverse learners’ needs. Next Jump’s model for supporting some of these intrinsic humanistic needs is a fit for reaching our families, teachers, and students in a variety of ways.

At P.S. 172 we have a tremendous team of teachers and staff that lend themselves to countless students and their parents during and after school hours. They are working to provide access to additional opportunities and resources that our particular population may not have access to because of economic hardships and acculturation challenges. Unfortunately, such challenges hold our families back from always providing adequate healthy lifestyles for their children. Next Jump’s emphasis on smart nutrition and physical health is an area that would be beneficial to our families in addition to providing support for financial planning and counseling.

Our school has developed a community of hardworking students that often stay after school for additional academic learning and engage in arts enrichment opportunities that are in addition to in school arts programming. These programs are faced with very limited technological resources and appropriate safe spaces for students to properly engage in effective learning. This limits students in gaining experiences in learning appropriate technology of the 21st century, much of which is required in today’s many workplaces. Programs such as Visual Art, Dance, Music, and Art Therapy Counseling are valuable areas for fostering identity development through building confidence and supporting physical and emotional health.

Next Jump’s mission demonstrates how small acts of humility and their tools for developing such can greatly impact successful outcomes. As teachers, we align ourselves with this priority and despite difficult challenges in our school we work tirelessly to give in any way we can.

When CEO, Charlie Kim explained Next Jump’s larger initiative of establishing a foundation to be modeled for other companies to follow, it became clear how important supporting and investing in education across settings would make profound impacts and change over time.”

We want to thank P.S. 172 for sharing this with us and for helping us improve this program further.


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