Next Jump Adopt A School Announcement: PS 119 (South Bronx)



Today, July 27th 2015 marks what we believe will be an important day in Next Jump’s history.

Two months ago we kicked off our Adopt A School program following a strong company-wide desire to extend our giving back initiatives to children’s health and education. Giving back to children was overwhelmingly rated by Next Jumpers as the top way to feel personally fulfilled.

This kicked off a search for a public school partner that would share our commitment to experimentation, documenting the process, and creating a case study, an example that can be replicated. Our ultimate intent goes beyond helping a single school, we want to create a model for other corporations to follow. If every company with 100 or more employees adopted a school, every public school in America – 100,000 schools – would be covered giving education a major boost, helping students reach their full potential and enriching our communities.

After meeting with a number of schools in NYC, it is with great excitement that we announce our partnership with PS 119 in the South Bronx, a title 1 school where 75% of the kids live below the poverty line. We feel Principal Montana and her team are most aligned and closest to helping us accomplish our ultimate goal of setting up a model for other corporations to adopt public schools.

Our current thinking is to launch the partnership with 4 programs starting September 2015:

  • Book Study Groups – where Next Jump will bring top rated speakers and book authors to the school, and provide as many copies of the books as necessary. The goal is to inspire teachers, and help their development and growth.
  • Professional Development Days – hosted at Next Jump’s offices for over 100 teachers and support staff, with a target first day in early November 2015
  • Situational Workshops – one of Next Jump’s keystone mentorship programs to train judgment, starting w/ key leaders at the school with a monthly frequency, and with the intent to grow to the full staff

One thought that stood out after all our meetings with the school last week was that in order to help the children we have to help all the adults. This lead to our decision to add a 4th element to our program:

  • Funding the re-opening of PS119’s recently closed after school program (approx. projected yearly cost of $300,000). This will enable parents to continue to do their jobs uninterrupted, allow teachers to earn extra income, and students to have the extra support to grow and learn. Additionally, Next Jumpers will be directly participating in this program, building a curriculum – and helping teach it in 4-week cycles – for example, Computer Science on the first Thursday of every month. Next Jump will arrange for all the associated logistics, including weekly transportation.

Today we surprised Principal Montana and her team with the announcement.

From the feedback we heard so far from Next Jumpers we know our hearts are filled with joy and pride #thisisnxj

To contact us and get involved in this movement, please click here.


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