Next Jump’s Program for School Year 2015 – 2016



After the announcement of the selection of PS119 as the first school in Next Jump’s Adopt-A-School Program, our team started working on the plan for school year 2015 – 2016.

So far we have identified 4 major programs that will run in parallel:

  1. Book Study Group
  2. Professional Development Days
  3. Situational Workshops
  4. After School Program
    • Computer Science / Programming
    • Health & Wellness
    • Arts
    • Business Skills

Book Study Group

This program will run in 6 week increments. In the first week of each segment, Next Jump will bring top-rated speakers and book authors to the school, and provide as many books as needed. During the following five weeks the school will discuss the topic in depth. We hope that this program will inspire the teachers and will help them upgrade and develop. This program is inspired by Next Jump’s CEO Talks, a very successful program that has been running for several years.

Professional Development Days

Similar to the academy for teachers organized during the evaluation period, we will host a pilot professional development day in September for a limited number of teachers, followed by a longer session in November. We will host this event at the Next Jump office for over 100 teachers and support staff. Other development days might follow, as needed. This program is modeled after Next Jump’s Academy.

Situational Workshops

The Talking Partners and the Situational Workshops are two marquee mentorships program at Next Jump and we want to extend these programs to the schools. We will have groups of top Next Jump leadership members visiting the school on a monthly basis and run the situational workshops with the school’s leadership. Slowly, we hope to grow this program to the entire staff.

After School Program

Initially the After School Program will be open to 100 families and will consist of a daily program between 3:30 and 6PM maintained partially by the school and partially by Next Jump. Next Jumpers will be organized in 4 teams, each tackling one of the following core subjects:

  • Computer Science / Engineering / Programming
  • Health / Nutrition / Fitness / Wellness
  • Arts / Crafts
  • Business Skills

Each week we will rotate the topics so in any 4 consecutive weeks the kids will be exposed to each subject.

This is our very first iteration of this program, so expect changes and upgrades in the weeks to come.


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