What Adopt A School IS and IS NOT – Learnings to date

These past few weeks have been exciting as our partnership with PS119 – The Dr. Emmett W. Bassett School continues to gear up. Last Friday our NY office visited the school in 2 yellow buses and received an amazingly warm welcome from students, parents and teachers.


Going forward we have 2 major events taking place over the coming weeks: next week Next Jump will be hosting a Professional Development Day for about 70 teachers and staff in our offices. The following week our After School Program kicks off! Our engineering teams will be visiting the school on Thursday November 12 to start teaching the kids their most requested topics: how to code video games and how to get into robotics. I get goosebumps as I think about our ability to expand their horizons and raise their expectations on what they can do and become.

Now, I took a pause last night to reflect on what we have learned so far, from our doing and also from talking to others who have offered their help and valuable advice (Raymond John – CEO of 12plus, Steven Bautista – Head of Karma at Zappos,  Winnie from Panda Express and their Leader in Me program, …), and I started making a list of what I believe our Adopt A School Program IS and IS NOT. The 2 top things that came to mind are:

1. It is NOT about writing checks and walking away. Instead, it is about being engaged, mentoring, learning and feeling fulfilled as a human being.

2. It is NOT about helping a single school. That is valuable but it won’t change the world. Our Adopt A School is about creating a movement to change education. To do that We need to create blueprints and models others can follow, and so we need to document everything and share it, open source all our learnings.

Below is a longer list, which is just the beginning and no doubt will change and expand over time.




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