Professional Development Day for Teachers


On November 3, 2015, Next Jump organized a day of development for the teachers and staff of PS 119. Professional Development Days are built into the school calendar a few days each year but, in true Next Jump fashion, our approach was very different. We focused on sharing our stories, learnings and success around some of our developmental programs such as Talking Partners and Situational Workshops. At the end of the day, we even shared a new program still in development, the High Performance Discovery Process as it has had high impact on key leaders in the company.


Since we wanted the day to be dynamic and practical, we included a breakout session where the teachers and staff split into groups and went through a keystone Next Jump exercise called “What’s Working/What’s Not.” This group exercise that starts with brainstorming and goes all the way through identifying key issues and successes and then finding actual solutions or accelerators that can be implemented right away.

At the end, two groups presented their findings in front of everyone. We were very happy to see how this format reignited the imagination and empowered the members of the PS 119 faculty to come up with realistic solutions for short term and long term improvement.


One highlight of the day was the Health & Wellness presentation led by Peter Chiarchiaro, our Director of Wellness. He demonstrated our Optigate system, a process designed to help people identify their imbalances and the way that their character traits is reflected in their physical abilities on a volunteer staffer.


Overall, the day was both productive and inspiring. Approximately 75 teachers and staff attended and was supported by 30 Next Jumpers. In this process, we had the opportunity to interact with the teachers, learn more about them, the school and how educators are such an integral part to our future.

We are more excited to invest in PS119, which was perfect timing since we are kicking off our After School Program collaboration this month. More about that in a future post.

Throughout this entire Adopt-a-School process, we never forget our audacious goal which is to get all 100,000 public schools in US adopted by a for-profit company. If you’d like to get involved, contact us as

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