Experimenting Teaching Younger Kids

On January 7th, the biz track visited PS 119 for our second class. This afternoon we ran an experiment in regards to involving more kids in our AAS program (with same amount of Next Jumpers).

  • We took the 3rd graders, and introduced them to the Fitness Track (no fitness instructors present) which had Physical and Emotional Elements to it. Our “Make Someone’s Day” plate exercise, and Freeze Dance Muscle Game (see below) was a hit and helped us see that we can touch the younger kids at PS 119.
  • Meanwhile, the 4th and 5th graders continued their track, getting to the next step in building their own business – with logo games and a mission statements interactive presentation that taught them to think about the Who, What, and Why of their business. Student groups gave their presentations afterwards, and were very proud of their work!

Next Jumpers – we left energized, laughing, and proud. Kids giving us big hugs, parents greeting us on the way out. Everyone had their own personal story to tell about a child they connected with, and changed their life… even if just for an afternoon. Made me anxious on how we can get other companies to do this.




Next up:

  • Test “kids teaching kids” concept, 5th grade buddy system with the kindergartners to see if that’s a way we can get more kids involved.
  • Scale our Platform to Give: first with fitness instructors, sign up on website, and then with partners.

Here are some of the steps we took to involve the younger kids:

  • Have them sit in a circle. Introduce yourselves and what you do at work and home.
  • Demo freeze: play music on the speakers, dance with emphasis on moving like crazy, then shut off music and freeze. Have the kids do it 3-5 rounds.
  • Teach them 3 muscle groups at a time. Ask them “do you know where your ____ is?”
    1. Quadriceps, bicep, trapezius
    2. Triceps, hamstring, calf
  • Now play freeze, but when the music stops, tell them to point to one of the muscle groups they learned. Do three rounds – 3 at a time twice, then all six at once.
  • Next ask them how do you work these six muscle groups. Then you show them:
    1. Quadriceps are worked through squats
    2. Biceps are worked through biceps curls (simulate them but tell them to make a muscle)
    3. Trapezius are worked through superman (lay on your stomachs and pretend you are flying by putting your arms in front of you and leg your legs off the ground)
    4. Triceps are worked through push-ups – show them push-ups on your knees and not (we said triceps for push-ups and not pecs/chest because we didn’t want girls touching their chest).
    5. Hamstrings are worked through a hip raise (lay on your back, knees bent, raise your butts up in the air).
    6. Calves are worked through a calf raise (stand on your toes and hold it).
  • Then play freeze; when music stops, tell them to work their quads, etc. If you need more time, ask for volunteers to show the class how to work each muscle group.
  • Next, play Caught in the middle: Put them in lines of 4-5 kids where one line faces the other on opposite ends of the gym. Play music and have them run to their opposite line, tag their friend, and keep going until the music stops. The people in the middle when music stops have to do the exercise you yell out.

This is very intuitive so use your guts and do what you think is right.



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