UK – Buxton School Academy

Our Adopt-A-School programme aims to provide a school with much needed support for its whole community; not just the students who study there, but their teachers, parents and families as well.

As part of our Adopt-A-School Pilot Programme in the UK, members of our Next Jump London Office visited Buxton School in order to lead an Academy with the school’s Senior Leadership Team.

The session aimed to discuss the challenges that Next Jump has faced in the past and how we have developed our culture from the learnings we took from these difficult times. We hoped to provide practical advice and guidance to the school on how they can use our methodologies and programmes to combat their own challenges.

At Buxton School we focused on Leadership Development and Recognition, two areas where the school has had difficulty with workplace engagement.

Love the focus on the people and not just the product. I like how open the presentation was, this allowed for a lot of discussion between members of the team.”

What worked particularly well in this Academy session was our What’s Working/What’s Not Working session, where we brought the team together to discuss what parts of their organisation are working well and that they could “double-down” on to make even more effective, and which difficulties they really need to face and make fast improvements to.

I learned how important it is to start small and incorporate some of the programmes into the school environment consistently.”

At Next Jump, our aim is to change the world by changing workplace culture.

Over 21 years, we have grown from one student selling coupons from his university dorm room to a $2.5 billion tech company. We have made many mistakes and learned many difficult but invaluable lessons along the way.

In our offices in London, New York, Boston and San Francisco we often hold Culture Tours and Academy sessions to share our culture in this way, to find out more visit this link:

Our Culture Tour Team will be happy to organise a time for you if you’d like to learn more about our culture. Contact us:

Blog post by Rebecca G.

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Software Engineer, working for Next Jump Ltd. in London, leading Site UX and Next Jump's Adopt a School program in the UK.
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