Adopt A School Program Launch – 2016

In May of 2015, Next Jump’s New York office announced the launch of our Adopt A School program. Two months later, we officially adopted PS 119, a title 1 public school in the South Bronx where 75% of the students live below the poverty line.


PS119 Kickoff 2015

Through this program, Next Jump will partner with public schools to build long lasting relationships that serve and support students, teachers, and parents. The program is part of Next Jump’s broader Better You giving back platform, and joins other successfully established programs such as Adopt-A-Nonprofit and Code for a Cause.

Now, we can proudly announce that our UK office has adopted a school on London: the Netley Primary School and Centre for Autism.


“Adoption” certificate

After meeting with a number of schools, our leadership team was especially inspired by Netley’s passion and engagement with their students. We felt that their leadership and mission most aligned with Next Jump, and that Netley was closest to helping us accomplish our ultimate goal of setting up a model for other corporations to adopt public schools.

As part of the program, every Next Jumper will visit the school at least once a month to teach, learn and share with the children at Netley. We hope to inspire both teachers and students alike, as well as join them on their journey of their development and growth. We envision a day when every one of the 100,000 US public schools and the 22,000 UK public schools are adopted by a for-profit company, to create better, connected communities.


Introducing the Program to Netley students

We’re intensely excited about the chance to get directly involved in helping these young people and in a way that is so core to our values here at Next Jump.


To learn more about Next Jump and our Adopt-A-School program, follow our blog.

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