Netley Primary School Takeover

Netley Primary School places a great emphasis on UNICEF’s children’s rights – childs right to have views and be heard, covenants 12 & 13.

At school, the students have a chance to take over the classroom for a day. On the same day in our UK office, we had the opportunity to contribute in a similar manner, the AAS takeover! We had five bright and energetic young ‘uns come into the office to take a look around and see what working life is like.


Our lovely young visitors and their teacher were treated to a mini culture tour, where our young guests showed boundless curiosity with regards to how the company had grown and were very impressed by Charlie’s beginning ethos. They saw pictures of NY’s PS119 and were ready to be similarly displayed on our walls, and even gave us some great tips for the office! Some interesting improvements included a room of puppies!


One student, Gustavo, helped us run a webinar for our clients, reading out live questions as the Q&A session went on. It was also great to give our clients a chance to see Adopt A School at work and spread the message about what we want to achieve here at Next Jump.

They then got to meet a member of every team, learning about who we are and what we do, and how each department is connected. They had lots of questions on how we work and by the end of it, were ready to become Next Jumpers themselves!


We enjoyed having them round and building a stronger link with Netley – we loved having the chance to be a part of these youths’ education and to show them a part of our world as much as we will be a part of theirs. They left with lots of new office friends and admiration for what we do, and we can’t wait to see them again soon at Netley.

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