Creating Competition: Pushing Teaching To New Heights

Our vision for Adopt A School is for companies around the world to partner with public and state run schools to build long lasting relationships that serve and support students, teachers, and parents, starting without ourselves here at Next Jump. Our learning tracks for students are well underway as we teach regularly at PS119 in New York and Netley Primary School in London.  We decided it was time to focus on another group that matters just as much– the teachers.

When Charlie and Meghan, our co-CEOs, asked Michelle, PS119’s principal, what she would change if she had a magic wand, her answer was simple – create an environment that fosters teacher innovation. The teachers at PS119 have a new reading and writing curriculum this year and are currently preparing grades 3, 4, and 5 for testing in March.  When we posed the same question to Bavaani, Netley’s head teacher, the response was to get teachers to think outside of the box.

Our co-CEOs worked with Michelle to fully understand her world and how we might help. The result? A teaching competition. The purpose of the competition is to encourage all teachers to think outside of the box, to improve teaching and outcomes in addition to give them a platform to raise their opinions and ideas.


All the teachers at each school will have the opportunity to compete for four winning spots (two per school) –  Next Jump is offering the opportunity to win an all-expenses paid trip to swap places for a few days to share their learnings with the other schools.

At Netley teachers are presenting on innovative teaching approaches with their various methodologies and the desired outcomes. The approach will be focused on a target group of students, but will also be transferable to other year groups.    At PS119 teachers are signing up to be observed by Michelle and her leadership team (a process that Michelle already does regularly, but with an added incentive).

We are very excited to see what the teachers in PS119 and Netley will come up with and we are looking forward to sharing their inspirational ideas with teachers around the US and UK.

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