Next Jump partners with schools to build lasting relationships that serve students, teachers, parents, and company employees. The Adopt a School program is part of Next Jump’s broader Better You giving back platform.  Our intent is to create a movement that will inspire other corporations to adopt schools and create a private/public partnership unseen in education to-date.


Our Co-CEOs began the program after an employee survey on giving back showed that the vast majority of employees at Next Jump wanted to help with children’s education.  Our head office started in 2015 by adopting PS119 – a school in New York City.  We expanded to include our London office in 2016 by adopting Netley Primary School.  We intend to expand to our other offices in the future.


The program has four components:


For students: the program aids students through mentorship and motivation from industry professionals.  Next Jump staff visit the school to give inspiration, conduct academic tutoring and offer enrichment programmes in health, business, and engineering.


For teachers:  Schools benefit from support and mentoring for the faculty, resources like computers and supplies, and financial donations. Additionally, schools will get access to Next Jump’s cutting edge fitness and nutrition programs.


For parents: Parents at schools are recipients of benefits through mentorship and support, as well as skills-based training programs.  In New York, Next Jump helps to fund an afterschool program that helps parents from targeted income households with save on childcare, which benefits the whole family.


For Next Jump employees: Employees are given the opportunity to volunteer at the school and work with children both as teachers and mentors.  Each Next Jump employee goes to the school once every four weeks (the equivalent of approximately 5 working days per year).


Overall, Next Jump’s mission is to change the world – if the children at these schools get inspired by their own potential we can see them giving back and helping to build better communities.  Better Me + Better You = Better Us


Next Jump was founded in 1994 making print coupon books for college campuses and eventually for corporate employees in partnership with HR departments of F1000 companies. WHAT we do as a company has evolved over the years, however we believe something much more important is WHY we exist.


Our big audacious goal is to make the world a better place by fundamentally changing the model for how companies are run. We discovered a universal formula in how company cultures should be built: Better Me + Better You = Better Us. The key ingredient to success is striking a balance and building a growing cycle of better me to better you. Our cultural investments are made to better our employees for the purpose of getting better, strong and smarter so that we can help others.


WHAT we do has been categorized by the New York Times, TechCrunch and industry analysts as the potential counterweight to Amazon. However what we’ve built is an e-commerce marketplace that partners with over 30,000 merchants, rather than competing with retailers. In addition, we have built a unique direct marketing channel to corporate employees by partnering with over 90,000 HR departments.


To learn more about Next Jump, visit http://www.nextjump.com.

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